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Global Mapper Versi Terbaru

Global Mapper since its first launch has stolen the hearts of GIS and Inderaja users around the world. The Global Mapper development initiative according to some records was developed between 1995 – 2000’s, at which time it was not yet named Global Mapper. It was only in 2001 that the Global Mapper application was officially launched which was also handled by the developer of the same name, Global Mapper Software LLC in America.

In its development, this software is in great demand because it continues to be developed to be able to read and even analyze various formats of spatial data. Well, it’s no wonder that practitioners of the world of spatial data will not miss this software, because of its flexibility in being able to read and convert so many spatial data formats in just one application, even according to some sources, almost 250 types of data formats can be read. Maybe only Global Mapper can do that.

Indeed Global Mapper is an affordable and easy-to-use GIS application that offers unmatched access to various spatial datasets and provides a level of functionality to satisfy both experienced GIS professionals and novice users. As more and more functions in it are being developed, such as 3D capabilities, LIDAR data processing, LAS, map animation creation, and so on. No wonder GIS professionals are increasingly ‘excited’ with this application.


Global Mapper Capabilities

Global Mapper is a GIS software that is lighter than ArcGIS but can do certain things more quickly or easily. The Global Mapper can function either as a standalone spatial data management tool or as an integral component of more advanced GIS needs, Global Mapper is a must-have for anyone working with maps or spatial data. Some of its abilities include;

  • Cheap and easy to use GIS
  • Supports more than 250 spatial data formats
  • Optional LIDAR module for cloud processing strong point
  • Advanced projection management using the GeoCalc library*
  • Unrivaled and free technical support
  • Image georeference
  • Image and vector processing and analysis
  • Download data
  • And others

* Requires Geographic Calculator license


Download Global Mapper Pro v23

Global Mapper is a software released by Bluemarble Geographic (acquired since 2011) which has proven its reliability in handling various spatial data (vector and raster) in various file formats. Of course, for GIS and Inderaja players, this software is not new anymore, it is often used because it can read hundreds of data formats. Regarding the price, compared to ArcGIS, of course the official price is much cheaper, only US$ 549 including additional extensions such as tools for processing LIDAR, compared to ArcGIS which reaches US $ 1,500 for a single license, not including additional extensions.

Previous experience, this Global Mapper software will require approximately 500 mb of hard disk space, but that’s in accordance with its really good performance. One more important thing is its ability to manage spatial data, displaying vectors such as shapefiles and their attribute tables that cannot be underestimated. This can be combined with displaying other data formats especially raster.

This time you can also directly download the desktop or portable version at once (certain versions!), please click the download link at the bottom of this post. For the portable version, prepare your USB flash drive or external hard drive, extract the portable version of the downloaded rar file, find the globalmapper.exe file and execute it immediately. Only 64 bit version is available.

To download the latest version of Global Mapper, you can visit the Bluemarble Geographic website to try the trial version, which is here.

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